Water Softener Service Boise, Idaho

Whether you know it or not, water softeners can make a dramatic difference in the quality of your life. By removing calcium and magnesium ions from your water, a softener provides a purer source of H2O to your home. We also offer a system that removes the chlorine from the water which promotes better health and wellness. The benefits of water softeners include less build-up on your appliances, less damage to your hair during showers, and more gentle treatment to your skin. If you’re unsure if your home has a water softener or not, we are more than happy to help you find out. We can also further discuss the benefits of water softeners and provide you with options to move forward with. We always want the best for our customers, so we provide options, prices, and knowledge, then let the customer choose for themselves.

Signs That Indicate Your Water Softener Isn’t Functioning

Your water softener plays a crucial role in water quality. Ensure high water quality for your home or business in Meridian, ID by calling Proficient Plumbing Service for water softener installation.

If you already have a water softener, here are five common warning signs that you need a repair or a replacement:

  • There’s a bad taste or smell.
  • You have difficulty lathering soap.
  • There’s film or scale on plumbing fixtures.
  • You’ve noticed your skin feels tight and dry after a shower.
  • You’ve found orange-brown stains after running clothes in the laundry.

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